The Model

The Model | pastel on paper | 2016 | 17.75″ h x 14.75″ w | Private Collection

Every painting presents a new challenge in some fundamental way. The Model started with a new material I had never tried before – sueded paper. There are subtle differences in the way soft pastel is applied to each substrate. Looking for the inspiration for the pose, I found a fashion show featuring a woman with an impassive look, turning away from the viewer, wearing a thickly knit sweater. The juxtaposition between her expressionless demeanor and the warm sweater appealed to me. Additionally, her exceptionally elongated features forced me to really study this particular head instead of falling back on familiar anatomical details. Multiple light sources further complicated the subject. I love challenges, and this painting rolled several challenges into one very enjoyable experience.

Sedona Arts Center’s April online show, Artists Choice Award.
Sedona Art Prize April 2017

American Women Artist’s exhibition, May 24 – September 14, 2019, at the Steamboat Art Museum in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.