On Deck (The Veteran Fencer)

On Deck (The Veteran Fencer) | pastel | 2018 | 18″ x 26″

‘On Deck’ depicts a veteran fencer who has honed the ritual of putting on the glove to mentally prepare. His intensity is focused inward as he’s called to his next bout. 

ArtWorks Gallery, Celebrating The Figure, 69 Main St., Ware, MA, April 9 – 30 2022

92nd American Artists Professional League Grand National Exhibition “On Deck (The Veteran Fencer)”. Online Exhibit 9 November – 31 December 2020, Pastel Society of America Award

Richeson75 Figure/Portrait International Art Competition & Exhibit 2020 Finalist “On Deck (The Veteran Fencer)”. Online Exhibit opens 29 October 2020